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An Integrative Approach to Service Delivery

Our approach is grounded in creating innovative supports, through collaborative models of service delivery, centered on the individual’s strengths and needs

Integrative Learning Consultants

Integrative Learning Consultants, LLC is an organization with the primary goal of increasing access to services, improving quality of care, ensuring advanced, value-based client and clinical outcomes, and developing collaborative models of care that focus on a holistic approach to services for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, as well as other developmental, learning, intellectual and behavioral delays. We partner with existing early education providers, schools and school districts, healthcare providers and therapy centers, as well home and community based waiver program providers and other adult services providers, to incorporate a comprehensive, integrated behavioral healthcare service model.

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How We Can Help

We can help in a variety of ways and would love to talk with you about your needs.

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Systems for Learning

By creating partnerships with educational systems, healthcare organizations, and human service providers, we create opportunities to develop and implement integrative systems for learning with individualized, person-centered, services and supports provided within the natural environment to enhance opportunities for meaningful connections.

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Holistic Approach

Our approach creates a collaborative service delivery model between community partners within existing systems for early intervention, education, healthcare, daily living and vocational services. Integrating adaptive behavior services with existing educators and providers ensures improved quality of life for all.

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Supervision & Mentorship

Supervision programs integrated into service delivery models for individuals pursuing education and certification as a BCBA®, BCaBA®, and/or a RBT®, as well as mentorship for new behavior analysts and various options for professional development.

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Why We Exist

We believe every individual has value. We strive to create and implement innovative, collaborative, holistic systems of support, seeking to model integrity, excellence, and integrated care in order to improve the quality of life for the individuals and communities we serve.

Why Choose Us

Integrative Learning Consultants, LLC, values innovation, collaboration, and integrated models of care, ensuring a holistic service delivery system. Integrative models, that are viable, sustainable, accessible, and supported by research that will ensure the highest quality of care with meaningful, client-centered outcomes.

For Additional Information or Questions

Contact us if you are an existing educator or service provider for information on how we can develop a partnership to serve your students and clients.

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